Angela Merkel: We Must Act Together

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has become Europe’s crisis according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Today, Germany is to accept 800,000 refugees from the four-year crisis involving Syrian rebels and regimes’ increased fighting. About 500,000 migrants may arrive this year, says analysis.

Europe is divided in creating a prompt response to the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. Merkel calls ahead of other Eurozone partners to stand and act together. She has called on her peers to accept joint responsibility.

Merkel said:

“Germany is willing to help. But it is not just a German challenge, but one for all of Europe. Europe must act together and take on responsibility. Germany can’t shoulder this task alone.”

Merkel made clear Germany will not accept refugees moving for economic reasons and not for war or persecution.

Meanwhile, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Latvia will have a summit on Monday to address divides between neighbouring states.

Meanwhile, the United States is criticized for being at the forefront of humanitarian aid but is willing to accept only 65,000 refugees. Senate and Congress had called for the government to create a standard refugee admission system and increase the number of refugees accepted in the country.

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