Tightening Kentucky Race Between Clinton and Sanders

US presidential hopefuls from the Democratic Party Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling each other neck-and-neck in Kentucky’s presidential primary last Tuesday.

Clinton’s party declared victory. Previously, Sanders won Oregon. Despite the close fight in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton said:

“We just won Kentucky! Thanks to everyone who turned out. We’re always stronger united.”

Clinton had a narrow lead of a half of one per cent against Sanders.

Meanwhile, Trump won the Oregon GOP contest. Sanders called on his supporters in California. He said “Before we will have the opportunity to defeat Donald Trump, we’re going to have to defeat Secretary Clinton.”

Sanders’ supporters have made death threats against the Nevada Party of Clinton. They said the party leadership rigged the results to Clinton’s favour. Sanders said on Tuesday that the Nevada complaints was “nonsense” and he said his supporters “were not treated with proper fairness and respect.”

Meanwhile, the Sanders campaign did not make it clear whether it would issue a challenge on Kentucky’s results following the narrow results. The election results in Kentucky does not have a recount.

The two democratic candidates would prepare for June 7 primary elections in California, New Jersey and four other states. On June 14, they would be preparing for the primary in the District of Columbia.

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