UK Prime Minister Poised To Trigger Brexit By March 15

Despite peer votes smashing the first draft of the UK government-proposed Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is decided to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by March 15. The article’s triggering would result into the successive mechanisms that would have the UK depart from the European Union.

Peers have voted 384 against 256 over the first draft of the Brexit bill after peers defied ministers against using EU nationals in the United Kingdom as “bargaining chips” to win over EU countries. According to several representatives, EU nationals in the United Kingdom have the right to know their rights in staying in the United Kingdom.

According to the UK government, the UK needs to ensure that the rights of UK nationals living in Eu countries are also secured — thus the necessity to use the EU nationals living in the country as part of the deal with the European Union.

According to ministers, they are confident that the country would “remain on course” regarding the deadline the UK Prime Minister set for the Brexit timeline. According to the Brexit Department, the bill “has a straightforward purpose” that would “enact the referendum result” and it would “give the government the chance to carry on negotiations” with the European Union.

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