ISIS Forces Carry Out Executions With Children and Pensioners

A new video surfaced and appears that perpetrators had shot the video in Mosul as ISIS forces carry out executions against children and the elderly as Iraqi forces close in to retake the Iraqi capital.

The new footage showed children and pensioners being forced to carry out executions and the forces are also crucifying alleged traitors to terrorise the population into submission.

Commanders of the Iraqi Elite forces fear that Iraq’s second city may take months before the remaining 5,000 plus ISIS forces are killed or captured.

Several organisations including the Badr Organisation — a Shia militia fighting with the Iraqi government forces said the battle of Mosul may last for months.

The Iraqi troops are made up of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service and the Badr Organisation fighters.

ISIS stormed Mosul in 2014. Upon capture, they had raped women and forced children to become freedom fighters by becoming suicide bombers.

The militant group had killed thousands of men and women. Tens and thousands of the city’s population have become human shields at gunpoint and kills anyone who refuses to act as a human shield in areas under attack.

The militants have also destroyed oil wells to cover their movements and displaced thousands of civilians from villages toward Mosul to force them to become human shields.

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