New Domestic Abuse Crime To End All Legal Ambiguity

The ambiguity of domestic violence could be cleared as ministers discuss creating a new offence that could categorise domestic violence as a crime. Home Secretary Theresa May said that it could improve police performance. Existing laws covers manipulation and coercive behaviour, but the laws do not apply specifically to relationships.

The new proposals coming from Chief Constables of the police force would help define domestic abuse.

Meanwhile, ministers have re-defined domestic abuse, including the definition of psychological control and violence as a key component in classifying victims. Stalking and harassment are existing laws, but these are only umbrella terms and do not ultimately work for relationships and domestic abuse cases.

Ending ambiguity, police can then intervene in domestic cases with the proper laws in place.

Theresa May said that the UK government considers domestic abuse not just physical, but also subjecting individuals to a “living hell.” Partners who cut off their victims from familial and friendship ties, deny them money or restrict their freedom, virtually any form of cruelty and manipulation, will be considered domestic crimes.

Domestic Abuse Charity Group Women’s Aid Representative Polly Neate said the consultation and action of ministers was a significant step forward towards reducing or ending domestic violence. She said that two women are killed from domestic violence.


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