Outgoing European Commission President Asks Cameron Not To Alienate EU Friends

According to outging President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, Britain must not isolate itself in Europe by invalidating all their European friends. According to Barroso, Europe is willing to listen to Britain’s troubles over immigration. He also iterated that Europe helps give UK the “clout” it needs.

However, Downing Street stressed that British Prime Minister David Cameron listens to Barroso, but intends to improve the UK’s position in the EU and improve on negotiating such.

Cameron said that if the EU addresses the UK’s concerns, then the EU will be a very suitable place for the United Kingdom. Cameron said that the UK will change its relationship with the European Union by 2017 in an In/Out Referendum, if he remains in office by the General Election

Political analysts, such as BBC Europe Correspondent Chris Morris, said that Jose Manuel Barroso had become less diplomatic in making clear to Cameron  that the UK and EU needed each other.

Barroso stressed that UK politicians who supported Europe should tell the situation as it is. He also said that UK media has warped people’s perception of the European Union and the UK’s position in the bloc.

In his speech, Barroso will say that the UK might not get the help it needs if it does not listen to its European Friends. He will also stress that the EU had done many positives for the UK, which the government never shared with its citizens.