Tokyo To Make Its 2020 Olympic Medals From Scratch and Cellphone Material

Electronic junk levels in the world is going haywire and is one leading reason for increasing pollution levels in the world. With a higher number of manufactured smartphones per year, Japan intends to do its part by creating the 5,000 medals it would impart to amazing athletes in Tokyo 2020 Olympics made from recycled cellphone material and dilapidated, small appliances.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Sports Director Koji Murofushi said that the project allows “the good people of Japan to take part” in making the medals. It would also save on Japan’s resource consumption and the recycling program “would make us think about the environment.”

Another reason is that Tokyo 2020’s organisers have cut the budget from $35 billion to $21 billion by the end of 2016. Recycling will help ensure the quantity of medals needed for the event is met and is within budget. Along with Vancouver in Canada, Japan is the second country to create medals out of recycled material — Vancouver used recycled circuit boards from discarded electronics, appliances and computers.

Many anticipate the hype surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Olympics as Japan’s promotions have turned viral because of their strange but memorable marketing tactics. The introduction video of Japan catching the torch for the Olympics 2020 used videogame characters including Mario, Sonic and Pokemon. Recently, Japan unveiled its Olympic ambassadors to be iconic anime characters including Son Goku from “Dragonball Z”, Sailor Moon from the eponymous animated series, and more.

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