China Calls On Asian Countries to Create New Unity After US Pivot’s Failure

President Xi Jinping had issued a formal invite to its Asian neighbours following the US PIvot or the American Rebalance Strategy had failed to guarantee peace and prosperity in Southeast Asia and the entire Asian Region.

China has unveiled a regional security doctrine that Beijing will lead.

Previously, the United States has led security efforts in Southeast Asia and other Asian countries. This had caused increased tension between China and the United States.

Xi said the participants of the security doctrine would allow Asian countries “to build consensus and step up dialogue” to foster “a security governance model with Asian features.”

China’s grounds for American security doctrine failure in Asia lies in the uncertainty brought by the effort. According to China:

“It proved that a U.S.-led alliance system is not the right option to safeguard the peace and stability of Asia. Instead, a system of security governance with Asian features, as suggested by China, will be best for Asian development.”

However, China will face difficulty urging its neighbours especially Vietnam and the Philippines. Currently, the country is in a stiff stand-off against the two for claiming South China Sea islands. China has constructed artificial islands within waters controlled by Beijing.

The west calls the growing Chinese number of artificial islands as dangers to freedom of navigation.

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