UK News

Stepping Hill Nurse To Be Sentenced For Life

Filipino Nurse Victorino Chua has faced the Manchester Crown Court yesterday after he was tried for three months for murdering two patients and poisoning other elderly patients with insulin in their saline bags during his tenure in Stepping Hill hospital. … read more

World Poverty/Crisis

Angela Merkel: We Must Act Together

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has become Europe’s crisis according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Today, Germany is to accept 800,000 refugees from the four-year crisis involving Syrian rebels and regimes’ increased fighting. About 500,000 migrants may arrive this year, says … read more


UK PPI Bill Could Potentially Overtake £20 Billion

UK analysts said that as the UK Big Four banks continue to add further to their PPI redress bill for the country, the current £12 billion compensation package could likely reach £20 billion or even more the following year. As … read more


Authorities: Same Bombers Both Did Sathorn, Erawan Bombings

On Monday, a bomb exploded at the busy intersection at Erawan Shrine in Bangkok. At least 20 were killed, mostly foreigners and 120 people were fatally wounded. On a separate case, a man on a motorcycle threw a pipe bomb … read more


New Domestic Abuse Crime To End All Legal Ambiguity

The ambiguity of domestic violence could be cleared as ministers discuss creating a new offence that could categorise domestic violence as a crime. Home Secretary Theresa May said that it could improve police performance. Existing laws covers manipulation and coercive … read more


Labour Day Is Fast Approaching! Are You Ready?

Living in the United States? Prepared for your little vacation on Labour Day? Well, you’d best be ready for traffic. This year, it is estimated that 35.5 million Americans will travel 50 miles from their home for their Labour Day … read more