UK News

REC Says UK’s Skills Gap Slow Down Economic Growth

The Recruitment and Employment Chief Executive Kevin Green said that a large skills shortage is the biggest obstacle to the country’s economic recovery. “Last year we had nine areas of skills shortages, now we have 43 areas. Every single type … read more

World Poverty/Crisis

OECD Said Economic Crisis had Increased Obesity Epidemic in Rich Nations

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the global economic crisis has a close connection to the increased activity of the obesity epidemic in many rich and western nations. Due to the higher prices of healthy goods, many … read more


UK PPI Bill Could Potentially Overtake £20 Billion

UK analysts said that as the UK Big Four banks continue to add further to their PPI redress bill for the country, the current £12 billion compensation package could likely reach £20 billion or even more the following year. As … read more


Inter Guam news

Japanese Tourists Killed in Guam

Guam is a famous place to visit; this is part of the United States Pacific territory. There are so many foreigners from around the world who visit Guam for tours and vacations. It is rare to find some news that … read more


New Domestic Abuse Crime To End All Legal Ambiguity

The ambiguity of domestic violence could be cleared as ministers discuss creating a new offence that could categorise domestic violence as a crime. Home Secretary Theresa May said that it could improve police performance. Existing laws covers manipulation and coercive … read more


Simon Cowell The Highest Paid Personality In the United States

Forbes magazine places the 55-year-old X-Factor and former Got Talent judge at the top of the list of the biggest earners in the United States. He has taken almost £60 million in just over a year. Managing One Direction and … read more