UK News


UN Home Office Intensifies Security Post French Attacks

According to Home Office Secretary Theresa May, UK’s homeland security will be intensified in major cities and UK borders after Friday’s terror attacks in Paris. Security plans will review the events and lessons learned during the Paris bombings. Armed police … read more

World Poverty/Crisis

Angela Merkel: We Must Act Together

The Syrian Refugee Crisis has become Europe’s crisis according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Today, Germany is to accept 800,000 refugees from the four-year crisis involving Syrian rebels and regimes’ increased fighting. About 500,000 migrants may arrive this year, says … read more


Turbulent Start For Asia This 2016

Asian currencies fell on Monday during the first day of 2016 trading. China’s factory activity had contracted its export activities. Combined with a rise in oil prices by 3 per cent due to Middle East tensions. Japan’s Nikkei had fallen … read more


China Calls On Asian Countries to Create New Unity After US Pivot’s Failure

President Xi Jinping had issued a formal invite to its Asian neighbours following the US PIvot or the American Rebalance Strategy had failed to guarantee peace and prosperity in Southeast Asia and the entire Asian Region. China has unveiled a … read more


Man, Seven Others, Deny Involvement With Car Insurance Fraud Organisation Over Personal Injury

In South Wales, 33-years-old Matthew Davies from Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff, said he was not involved with a car insurance fraud ring attempting to cash in on the UK’s lucrative personal injury compensation culture. In the Cardiff Crown Court, six … read more


Mattel’s $300 ThingMaker 3D Printer Allows Kids To Print Toys

When you were a kid, you had to tug mum’s sleeve so she could spare a penny and have you running off to purchase your favourite little Lego parts or small Hot Wheels cars. Prior to that, mum and you … read more