UK News

Hodge, MPs Call for Better Protection Among Whistleblowers

Commons Public Accounts Committee Chairwoman Margaret Hodge said that whistleblowers in the United Kingdom were treated with bullying and harassment from government staff and work colleagues. They highlighted that whistleblowers who uncovered scandals in different UK departments faced ostracism from … read more

World Poverty/Crisis

OECD Said Economic Crisis had Increased Obesity Epidemic in Rich Nations

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the global economic crisis has a close connection to the increased activity of the obesity epidemic in many rich and western nations. Due to the higher prices of healthy goods, many … read more


UK PPI Bill Could Potentially Overtake £20 Billion

UK analysts said that as the UK Big Four banks continue to add further to their PPI redress bill for the country, the current £12 billion compensation package could likely reach £20 billion or even more the following year. As … read more


Inter Guam news

Japanese Tourists Killed in Guam

Guam is a famous place to visit; this is part of the United States Pacific territory. There are so many foreigners from around the world who visit Guam for tours and vacations. It is rare to find some news that … read more


Changes For Disability Living Allowances Begin Today

Personal independence payments (PIPs) will today replace Disability Living Allowances (DLA) as the new UK government reforms begin today. From April, thousands of claimants from North England have applied for PIPs. Working professionals can also apply for a PIP today, … read more



54% of Payday Loan Borrowers Spend 196 Days in Debt

A recent white paper released by the American Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has suggested that around 54% of payday loan borrowers spend on average 196 days in debt. These figures certainly suggest that over half of the people who take … read more